What Ted Lasso taught me about creativity

Jan 4, 2021

You can be creative. Don't let the myths of creativity hold you back. You don’t have to be an artist, play music, or be exceptionally expressive either. My family and I were watching the new Ted Lasso series and he inspired one of my recommendations below...keep reading to see which one.

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Lessons learned in a Startup Community

Dec 14, 2020

In 2011, I took an executive job in rural Appalachia Kentucky, an area of the country that was new to me. My job was in the nonprofit world of economic development, supporting entrepreneurs with loans, training, and technical assistance.Like many professionals moving to a new job, I enrolled in a

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Books that influenced my thinking about social innovation

Nov 30, 2020

This last holiday weekend, I decided to clean out the closet where we store holiday decorations and opened a box of old books... dusty artifacts that had meaning and influence in my thinking at a point in time.There were three books in particular that I just had to reopen and see how my perspective

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3 Tips for networking at virtual summits

Nov 16, 2020

Last month I participated in 3 virtual summits and staffed 2 virtual marketplace “booths.”It was my first time in a virtual marketplace and I was a bit nervous because I wasn't sure how to cultivate prospects -like where’s the fishbowl for business cards?

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What's in a Personal Vision

Nov 2, 2020

When I was 5 years old, my cousin and I “ran away from home” so we could go on an adventure and see the world. We found a map to chart out our journey, (nevermind that the map was not for our town), but thankfully, our parents only let us get a few blocks away from home.

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