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new! for social enterprises seeking funding

How can I attract investors when my model is different than traditional businesses...

(and no one is telling me what to do differently)?


You don't have to waste time pitching to funders who don't understand your business model because you know the right type of investors to approach.

You know exactly how to prepare the right message for your pitch because you have a proven system created by social enterprise funders.

You pitch to investors and they GET what you're doing in your social enterprise and are excited about your impact.

No one says, "Where is your ROI?" or "something else."

If this doesn't describe you... then you need a new plan.

A plan that will give you assurance that you are pursuing the right types of investors.

A plan that will give you the confidence you need to understand the language of the impact investment world and know exactly what to say in your pitch.
A plan that will organize your due diligence documents so you feel fully prepared to meet with investors.

A plan that will help you know what impact investors are looking for so you can create a pitch that will make a winning impression.

Because if there's one thing you’re certain about, it’s this:


introducing the

Investment Lab

for social entrepreneurs

Join a cohort of learners and develop your fundraising skills.

You are not alone. Social enterprises come in different forms, but their leaders have this in common: to help other people and communities.

We have found that Investment Lab participants are high performance innovators who are willing to learn, share and grow their skills.

Which begs the question:

Are you ready to build skills and join a learning community that will support you and cheer you on as you scale your social enterprise?

Imagine what it will feel like to pitch to investors with confidence.

These are the course takeaways that you will be able to implement right away

and see a big difference

know the strengths and weaknesses of your business

Using the Business Diagnostic Tool, you will identify the gaps in your business model and know where to focus your attention. This is an exercise you can repeat over and over again in the life of your business.

understand how to present your financial model

Use the Financial Modeling Tools to tell the financial story of your business and show investors how you will use their capital and give them a return on their investment.

confidently make decisions about price or whether or not to scale

Learn how to calculate your unit economic cost for your product or service, so that you know if it's time to scale or if you need to adjust price points or cost. (Knowing these numbers makes a huge impression on potential investors.)

create your impact story to use in all of your marketing

This is a flexible storytelling model that allows you to put emphasis on different aspects of your social enterprise for different audiences. You will learn how to curate the most important elements of your story to fit the investor that is the best match for you.

prepare your investor outreach packet

Package the five key documents that you'll need throughout your fundraising process and relationship with investors. Following these steps will help you give a great first impression, get more call-backs, and close more deals.

create an engaging pitch deck that stands out from the others

Gain access to tools and templates that will help you create a perfect pitch to your investors. Get recommendations for which platforms to use, including a bonus video walking you through our favorite one.

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Course Content

You'll access 54 Course lessons organized in 6 Modules. 


module 1:
impact capital + investors

  • Learn what is unique about impact capital and investors
  • Explore what type of capital may be right for your enterprise
  • Understand how impact capital flows from source to use

module 2:
growth + impact

  • Discover what growth strategies are right for your social venture
  • Share your Growth Diagnostic Tool and get feedback
  • Chart an Investment Roadmap for potential investors

module 3:
financial modeling

  • Calculate your funding gaps and develop your customized funding model
  • Learn to calculate your break-even unit model costs
  • Gain feedback on your Impact Evidence Tool and Financial Model

module 4:
types of capital + investor alignment

  • Learn the 3 basic forms of capital that more creative capital vehicles are built on
  • Identify the capital vehicles that your model 
  • Develop your own list of potential investors that might align best

module 5:
investor outreach + your story

  • Improve close rates by honing your venture’s impact story.
  • Learn investors’ due diligence process and FAQs
  • Gain feedback on your Investor Outreach Plan 

module 6:
packaging + your pitch

  • Assemble your own due diligence documents
  • Select pitch templates and tips
  • Gain real-time feedback and practice your pitch

Also including...

course features

  • Cohort discussion boards and feedback from your instructor, Paul Wright
  • Bi-weekly Live Zoom Meetings with your cohort to ask questions, share and hear from guest speakers
  • Discounts for individual coaching and other WVS Courses

bonus content

  • Extra recorded interviews with inspiring social entrepreneurs
  • Primer on how to use to make amazing pitch decks
  • Legal structures guidebook to help you understand the difference between different legal structures, such as B Corp, LLC, and 501(c)3.

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Build a Better Fundraising Plan for Minimal Investment

What was the cost of your last out-of-town fundraising trip?  For most it is between $500-1000. Investment Lab would cost you less than your last trip and hopefully give you better results.

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We know that you want to get a good return on your investment. And we are so sure that you will find value in this course that we are willing to extend this guarantee:

If you participate in the course and attend the first live discussion, but still don't feel this course is for you, we will give you a full refund.

Don’t wait! See what a past student has to say about the Investment Lab...

The course’s discussion points and assignments were very helpful.

They enhanced my skills for growth impact programs, financial modeling, and investor outreach plan.

I recommend this course.

Marie Andersen-Strait
Catholic Charities of Buffalo, NY
Course enrollment closes April 1, 2020
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But one thing that keeps you from fundraising is the tyranny of the urgent.

You stay incredibly busy just running your agency, and maybe you're worried that a training course won't fit your crazy schedule.
Previous graduates report that they wish they had taken the Investment Lab Course sooner and that it was well worth their time.

“I got so engaged in designing my plans, and I really enjoyed the Live Zoom discussions with my cohort.” (a recent class graduate)
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This course is for you if...

You’ve had success with your social venture and want to scale it up in 2020.

You’ve been rejected from traditional grant makers or banks and want to access new sources of capital.

Your community stakeholders expect you to deliver more but you know you’ll need new funding partners to do so.

Which begs another question:

Why would you wait, or even worse, do nothing?

Most business owners thinking raising capital is hard. But here is where you need to think differently as a social enterprise....

As a former mission lender I can tell you that I had too much money with not enough sound projects and partners to invest in. 

What most social entrepreneurs don't realize is that foundation and investment officers worry a lot about getting money out the door to the right projects.

That's how I help you see things differently about fundraising: investors are hungry to buy your outcomes and social and financial returns and it’s up to you to find and partner with the right ones.

So rather than waiting to improve your Fundraising strategies, or worse, do nothing, make an investment in yourself. Then you will learn how to find and attract the impact investors that are looking for you.

(This course is not for you if...

...your social venture is not quite up and running and you are still at the concept stage. If this is the case, we recommend that you enroll in our Design Lab for Social Ventures. )

Investment Lab is your trusted partner as you prepare to meet with investors.

(Especially since social enterprises have a unique business model.)

what this course includes

business diagnostic tool

Identify the gaps in your business model and know where to focus your attention.

financial modeling tools

Tell the financial story of your business to show investors how you will use their capital and give them a return on their investment.

break even analysis

Learn how to calculate your unit economic cost and be able to answer hard questions from investors.

your impact story

Customize your story to attract aligned investors who will become raving fans of your business.

due diligance documents

Package the key documents that you'll need throughout your fundraising process and relationship with investors.

pitch templates

Gain access to tools and templates that help you create a perfect pitch to your investors.

Who am I?

My name is Paul Wright, and I have served in various community economic development financing roles. I've worked with both private and public “impact investors,” and helped deploy over $20 million into projects in my 20-year career.

During those years, I saw two big problems:

1. Impact investors have trouble getting money out the door to the right projects.

2. Owners of social enterprises have trouble finding the right investors who understand their unique model.

This is why the Investment Lab was created: to help owners of social enterprises learn how and where to look for these investors and position themselves to get the funding they need to grow (and is right there waiting for them).

I'd love to have you join us. See you in class!
Course enrollment closes April 1, 2020
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my payment options?

You can pay in full today, or pay in 2 monthly installments. If you have a discount coupon, you can enter that amount at the checkout and still select the payment option.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes. If you participate in the course and attend the first live discussion, but still feel this course isn't for you, we will give you a full refund.

If you are unsure, we encourage you to view the free preview of the course before you buy.

What are the technology requirements?

If you’ve viewed this web site and/or previewed the Free Preview of a lesson for this course you should have what you need.

You will need a computer or tablet with access to the Internet to go through the modules and participate in the live discussions.

The live discussions are held over Zoom, and I encourage you to visit their website if you are not familiar with it (

How much time will this course take?

This is a great question, because if you want to get the most out of this course you will need to set aside the time to work on it. Your success depends on it!

An approximate break down by activity:
--Online reading, videos, and content within the course modules: 9 hours total (1.5 hour for each of the 6 modules)
--Assignments: about 5-10 hours
--Live discussions: 6 hours total (1 hour each, bi-weekly, during working hours)

That‘s a total of about 20-30 hours over the 12-week period.

Will the course content be relevant and applicable? Because I’m really busy!

I get it. When you consider investing your time and money in a course you want to know it is relevant, and that instructors are engaging and experienced, right?

Most important... you must be ready to apply new knowledge and skills immediately.

You won’t be disappointed enrolling in this course and here‘s why...

Because you’ll get:
--Step-by-step support in designing your new fundraising plan
--Tools, templates and clear directions on how to use them
--Group mentoring through our Live Zoom cohort sessions and individually in online chats

So stop prioritizing your scheduled activities and start scheduling your top priorities!

How long will I have access to the class?

Maybe you need more time. Maybe you have another social venture down the road and want to refer back to what you’ve learned.

Not to worry, when you enroll in this class, you will have lifetime access to all of my videos and the recorded live sessions in the class learning platform.

There's one caveat: your registration cost includes an online “textbook” rental that is only valid for 6 months from the date you first access it. This textbook contains many downloadable tools that you will want to keep. So as long as you download what you need during this 6 months, then you will have it forever!

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